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posted this on August 16, 2013, 11:15 AM

Getting Started...


What system requirements do I need to use Koku?

Koku for Mac requires Mac OS X 10.8 or later. Koku for iPhone requires iOS 6.0 or later.


Will Koku work with my Android device?

No - Koku is only for Mac and iOS devices.


What is the difference between the trial and purchased version?

The Koku trial is free for your first account when downloaded from our website. To manage multiple accounts, you must purchase Koku in the Mac App Store.


How do I purchase Koku?

Koku can be purchased in the Mac App Store.


Will Koku work with my Windows PC?

Koku is for Mac computers only and requires Mac OS X 10.8 or later.

Library Information...


Where is my library saved?

Your library is saved as a .koku file and is separate from Koku. This way you will never lose your library by removing the original application, upgrading or switching computers.


What is a SmartList?

A SmartList gives you the ability to apply flexible and powerful filters for viewing specific groups of transactions. Visit this support page for more information.


Are there backups of my library?

In your Koku Preferences there is an option to turn on the library backup functionality. You can choose the frequency of the backups and how long you would like to keep them. This option can be located at Koku > Preferences > Backup Tab.

Direct Connect...


How does Direct Connect work?

Koku creates a secure connection to your bank to request and download transactions. This works just like logging in to your bank's website, but without requiring you to do the work. The password you provide is stored securely in the Mac OS X keychain.

In order to set up Direct Connect you must have an account with a supported institution as well as a username and password for online account access.


What if I don't see my bank for Direct Connect?

If your financial institution is not shown in our list as supporting Direct Connect, let us know and we will look into supporting it.


What if it says my username/password is incorrect?

If your username and password are entered correctly and Direct Connect still cannot be configured, your account may not currently support this feature. Some banks now charge a fee in order to use the Direct Connect service. We recommend you contact your bank to inquire about this service.



What financial data formats does Koku accept?

Koku supports importing of financial data from the following standard financial formats:

  • OFX (Open Financial Exchange)
  • QFX (Quicken Financial Exchange)
  • QIF (Quicken Interchange Format)
  • OFC (Open Financial Connectivity)


What if my bank only exports in CSV format?

Currently, Koku does not support importing of financial data from the CSV file format.



What is Smart Tagging?

Smart Tagging uses tags the way they are intended — free of hierarchies. This allows you to create much more detailed and meaningful reports from your financial data. Visit this support page for more information.


Can I tag multiple transactions at the same time?

You sure can! Select the transactions you wish to apply the tag(s) to then from the Account menu choose Transaction->Edit Tags. Koku also provides the option to automatically tag transactions for accounts that are set up with Direct Connect.

What if I want to delete a tag?

You can delete tags that are outdated or misspelled by using the tag manager. For assistance with using the tag manager, please see our support page on this topic.

How Do I...


How do I change my currency settings?

In order to change your currency settings, you will need to go into your "System Preferences" and click on "Language & Text." Once "Language & Text" is open, please click on the "Formats" Tab. At the bottom of this menu you will see an option titled "Currency" with a drop down menu beside it. If you know what currency you would like your computer set to, you can select it from the drop down menu.


How do I add an initial balance?

You will need to add a new transaction with your initial balance before the first day of financial data that you imported. After you do this your account balance will match your statements. (Please see our page on Creating New Transactions).

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